Trees for Boscawen

Providing a natural sound barrier for our cemetery...

The cemetery is expanding to accomodate the higher demand of veterans wishing to be buried in our State Veterans Cemetery. In an effort to reduce  the amount of road noise during burial ceremonies in the areas of the cemetery closest to Route 3, the cemetery Director conducted a sound study. It was determined that the best sound barrier would be a natural barrier of a berm combined with some dense foliage trees along the edge of the grounds closest to the road. (see illustration below - yellow line idicates the aprroximate location of the barrier).

Not only will this provide the best sound suppresion, it will also add to the natural beauty of the cemetery grounds which was a key factor in deciding on the best course of action. 

Would you like to help?  Sponsoring the Trees for Boscawen campaign will provide mature arborvitae trees to be planted along the berm to provide a natural sound barrier which will add to the complete serenity of our grounds.

Donations of $750 or more may be commemorated on the Tree Donation plaque that will be placed in our chapel. If you wish to be included, please indicate your name (or the name of a loved one you wish to donate in honor of) in the "In Memory/In Honor of" field in the donation block on the right. 




Support the maintenance of the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery as a dignified, final resting place which honors all veterans and eligible dependents and reflects the State’s pride and gratitude for their service to the State and Nation.



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We are proud to announce our projects are partly funded by a grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.

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