The New Hampshire Veterans Cemetery Association is a voluntary non-profit organization that performs the following to enhance the mission of the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery:

  1. Partners with the NHSVC Director and Staff to support operations and improvements.

  2. Enhances public awareness and appreciation of the value of veterans and their service by maintaining the Veterans Heritage Learning Center, providing publications, hosting ceremonial events and conducting other community outreach functions.

  3. Accepts, manages and expends funds and resources to support the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery.


The enactment of State laws in 1997, creating the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery under the Adjutant General’s Department, had a provision for donations to be made for the operation, maintenance, and improvement of the cemetery:

"New Hampshire Statutes, Section 110-B:75   Acceptance of Gifts. – The adjutant general may accept, on behalf of the state, conditional and unconditional gifts including grants of money, material, equipment, services, and facilities from any source, public or private, for the operation, maintenance, and improvement of the cemetery, with the concurrence of the governor in accordance with the provisions of RSA 4:8."

The Adjutant General, then Brigadier General John Blair, convened a group of legislators and representatives from major veteran service organizations called the New Hampshire State Veterans Council. This council met quarterly to discuss cemetery issues, interface with the public and private groups for fundraising activities, elicit support of various veteran organizations, and assist the Adjutant General’s Department with plans for future development of the cemetery.

In May 2000 it was determined that if the cemetery wanted to accept donations, there was no mechanism in place to do so. In addition, donations already received were being placed in a non-lapsing, interest-free State account. The establishment of a non-profit organization seemed an appropriate solution whereby outside veteran and civic groups, individuals, businesses, etc. would be able to make tax-deductible donations to support the cemetery. Additionally, the received funds could be invested to grow and keep up with or exceed inflation, building an endowment to support the cemetery long term.

In February of 2001, under the leadership of the Adjutant General, Major General John E. Blair, a Charter was drafted and the New Hampshire Veterans Cemetery Association, Inc. (NHVCA) was established as a Charitable 501 (c) (3) Organization.

The New Hampshire Veterans Cemetery Association is a Non-Profit Organization that is organized for the sole purpose of containing tangible and intangible charitable donations received from all sources and which is intended to support the NH State Veterans Cemetery.  We are committed to community outreach and expanding public knowledge and we work in collaboration with the Department of Military & Veterans Service and the Cemetery Director to consider requests to purchase items like monuments, memorials, decorations, furniture, vehicles, equipment, landscaping materials and other needed items that cannot be provided by the State.

Since our organization was formed in September of 2000, the following are a few of our accomplishments:

  • Designed, raised funds, and built the 20 points of the NH Military History Walkway.
  • Commissioned and installed stained glass windows in the Chapel.
  • Received donated funds for and purchased a 1-ton utility dump truck.
  • Facilitated and provided funding for the construction of the NH Veterans Heritage Learning Center.
  • Fundraising and oversight of the design & installation of exhibits for the Veterans Heritage Learning Center.
  • Conducts public fundraising activities and has become a recipient of the annual State Employees Charitable Campaign and other employee charitable campaigns.

With your help and contributions, we will be able to provide continuing support and enable upgrades to one of our State’s most valuable assets, our New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery.



Support the maintenance of the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery as a dignified, final resting place which honors all veterans and eligible dependents and reflects the State’s pride and gratitude for their service to the State and Nation.


We are proud to announce our Gold Level Transparency Standard 

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We are proud to announce our projects are partly funded by a grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.

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